Watch this before buying tiles/granite/marble for your home flooring

Whenever we build our house, the most discussing thing is what type of flooring to do (I guess most discussing thing after wall colors). So today we came to help you in choosing the right stone for different places of your house. While choosing the flooring material we discuss material on various factors like durability, luster etc. The obvious difference between the marble, granite and tile is that marble and granite are two different types of natural stone whereas tile is produced manually.


  • Hard rock material because formed by extreme heat.
    Due to this igneous property, granite is pre-polished, and if you polish it after applying the polishing charge quite high as compared to marble.
  • Granite is quite expensive as compared to tiles and marble.
  • In comparison with marble & tiles, the maintenance cost of granite is less due to its igneous property.
  • There is very less chance of breakage of granite (if installed properly).
  • The durable quality of granite makes it appropriate for kitchen countertops (sealed granite) or where there is high crowd traffic.
  • Antiskid granite is an option for flooring which is good for old age people or where you need more friction.
  • To identify granite, scratch the surface (in an inconspicuous place). If it’s hard to scratch, then it’s likely to be granite or some type of igneous rock.


  • Marble is a softer stone as compared to granite.
  • Marbles are especially smeared with liquids that are acidic in nature because marble is a metamorphic rock containing calcium carbonate, which reacts to acids.
  • Due to its porous nature, it is usually not recommended to install marble for kitchen counter tops.
  • If you feel marble flooring lost it’s shine, then you can do polishing, so that you will get the first look.
  • To identify granite, scratch the surface (in an inconspicuous place). If it’s scratched, then it’s likely to be marble or a limestone.
  • Marbles are not preferred in high traffic areas because it is porous in nature & sand, dirt, and other solid materials can grind the surface of the marble, cause damage to the marble.

Vitrified Tiles

Quartz, feldspar and sand are melt through the process of vitrification to produce vitrified tiles. All the materials are heated to such a temperature that they melt into a glass type mixture and then converted into tiles.

  • Vitrification process makes the vitrified tiles into a very strong and homogeneous material which do not break easily.
  • Vitrified tiles are non porous.
  • Vitrified tiles are come in a large variety of designs, colors, prints and textures.
  • These types of tiles can be used in indoor as well as outdoor.
PROPERTIES   Naturally occurring stone,
Resistant to scratching or cracking
Naturally occurring stone,
Swirlls and veins patterns on the surface.
Man made,
Non Porous,
COST                      80Rs./sqft-500Rs/sqft 45Rs./sqft-300Rs./sqft 24Rs./sqft-70Rs./sqft
DURABILITY   Lasts longer than life Lasts longer than life Span of 10-15 years or more
VARIETY & AVAILIBILITY Available as blocks or slabs.
Have a number of shades.
Available as blocks, slabs or tiles
Have a number of shades.
Large variety of designs, colors, prints and textures because it is man made.
Available in glossy, matte and anti-skid finishes
LUSTER                       Dull to grainy Very pearly and dull Less when compared to natural stone
MAINTAINANCE Avoid using any ammonia, vinegar or citrus for cleaning purpose.
Use soft cloth and lukewarm water for cleaning
Protection from Scratches.
Keep the marble dry
Require regular cleaning with a PH neutral cleaner
INSTALLATION Less time consuming as compared to marble.
Pre Polished
Time consuming and high labor charges.
Require polishing after Installation
Require less setting time.
Pre polished
WHERE TO USE In indoor it used for countertops, tile floors, stair etc.
On high crowd traffic areas.
Indoor area like halls and bedrooms. Used for both interior and exterior surface, as well as high traffic areas


From the above decision one can choose the right stone to make their interior lavishing. For more interior design related queries you can mail us at

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