How to choose the best right natural or engineered option for kitchen countertop material India

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While making a functional kitchen, to choose a best countertop is also top priority. But it’s very tough to choose a perfect countertop material as they are in a vast number of varieties.

Those days are past when we have plenty of options for countertop. Most of us already knew about few natural options and engineered countertop option. But among them how to choose the best countertop material, I gonna help you with that.

If you’re thinking about replacing your kitchen counters or to construct a new functional kitchen, the article how to choose the best right natural or engineered countertop option for kitchen countertop material India will help you.

Kitchen Countertop material can be classified as natural occurring material and man made material. In natural occurring countertop material we give you brief about natural stone like granite, marble, quartzite etc. and wood. In man made option you will get information about quartz, G5 etc.

Natural Option for Countertop

If talking about kitchen countertop natural option, Granite will come on top. It has always been preferred in every type of house. We have more natural options for countertop which we discuss one by one. Let me explain you this through an example of five friends Rocky, Rambo, Ronaldo, Anthony and David. 

Anthony renovates his counter top with marble. After renovation he gets a lucrative look. In the few months stains are visible over his countertop and seems dully. After that Anthony scratched his head and went to his friend David. David was pleased after seeing him and took him for a tour of his new house. 

Seeing his counter top Anthony asked David- “Hey David, what material you used for countertop”. David says “he used Granite for countertop”. While discussing more about granite David told, Granite is a hard rock material, Granite is quite expensive as compared to marble and in comparison with marble, the maintenance cost of granite is less due to its igneous property. The granite is less porous as compared to marble, which make it suitable for countertop. Then Anthony said, now I knew how to choose the best right natural option for kitchen countertop material India. 

In another state Rocky used wood for his countertop. Soon he starts facing issues like scratches over his counter top. He realized that for cutting purpose he must  have to use a chop board. 

Now I brief you each natural countertop material to you, which informs you about the natural countertop option.


If I tell you about granite countertop, these countertop has these pros and cons.

  • The granite is a hard rock material because formed by extreme heat. So, it can easily resist heat up to a temperature of 250°C.
  • There is very less chance of breakage of granite and it is highly durable.
  • The durable quality of granite makes it appropriate for kitchen countertops (sealed granite) and add real estate value.
  • Granite rarely needs maintenance if sealed properly. 

The granite countertop has pros as well as few cons which are easily relatable

  • If you chop something directly over granite countertop, the knives may get dulled.

  • Granite is porous in nature. So, if it will not sealed properly, then it  will highly prone to get stains.

  • If I tell you about the cost, including installation, it is an expensive material. 


It’s a lucrative countertop material and look attractive. The pros and cons of marble are

  • It is also igneous rock and it is also very impressive to resist heat.
  • Add real estate value.
  • Durable
  • It is also expensive as granite.
  • Marble is a softer stone than granite, so, it may get scratches.
  • Need proper sealants, as it is porous in nature.


  • It is durable.
  • Heat-resistant and has a high heat storage capacity.
  • Soapstone is non-porous countertop material.
  • It is easy to carve, install and maintenance cost is low. 
  • Soapstone is softer than marble. So it’s also prone to get scratches easily.
  • Don’t scrub countertop with any kind of abrasive for cleaning purpose.


People often get confused in Quartz and Quartzite. A Quartz is man-made material. Quartzite is a very hard rock. Through the process of high heat and pressure, sandstone is converted into Quartzite.

  • Quartzite is hard and durable countertop material.
  • Need low maintenance.
  • Add real estate value
  • Expensive if compared to granite or marble.
  • Not resist high heat.
  • Have plenty of shades and color options.   

Engineered Option for Countertop

The Engineered option for countertop are completely man made. Stainless steel, Quartz, G5 are few examples of such countertop. Let us make you clear about the specification of several engineered options one by one with an example.

Four people in a town want their counter top from engineered option. First person, whose name is Robin wants a concrete countertop. He gets a nice finishing in it. After few months stains are visible over his countertop. Another person who wants to open a restaurant wants to install a stainless steel kitchen. While in some time dent and scratches are visible over the countertop.

Two other people choose other options from engineered option. Neil chooses G5 and Corian for his countertop. He used Corian to make an island in his G-shape functional kitchen. In the few months dent and scratches are visible over Corian countertop. While for G5 first he hardly found professionals to work over this stone. The joints appearing black after the few time.

Jennifer also wants to renovate her countertop from natural to engineered stone. She went with quartz. She get number of variants in this kind of engineered option. Jennifer has to close her open area from where the sun rays are direct to her counter top. 


As I discussed with you about best countertop material above in this article, and I hope that helps you to choose the best one from the “bucket”. If something has pros, then it also has cons at the same time. So, this article will help you to explore your knowledge where not to use engineered countertop.

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