Don’t Buy Wall Mounted Water Closet Before Watching This

As an average you spend almost 1.5 years of your life in toilet in normal condition. And someone said that most of the brilliant ideas came in the bathrooms. Getting those brilliant ideas this is must that you make your bathroom like that will not distract you. As in modern days we decorate our bathroom with lavishing things. Today, I gonna tell you about wall mount WC and floor mount WC, which is the most important part to begin our mornings. Also help you to distinguish why don’t buy wall mount WC before watching this.

You usually saw Floor mounted WC and most of us may installed that in house. But with the time flew another WC came into existence. I’m talking you about Wall Mounted WC.

As in Modern aspect Wall Mounted WC is more reliable. They gradually being the first choice because of their specifications. I will explain you everything about Floor Mount WC and Wall Mount WC.

Floor Mount WC

Floor mount WC is traditional and also looks standard. Although they are easy to install. The Water tank of such water closet is installed outside the wall and the commode is mounted through the floor, which make it more stable.

Wall Mount WC

Wall mounted WC give a modern appeal to your bathroom. It is also known as Wall hung WC as no part of the water closet is touched to the floor. They are not easy to install and require maintenance timely. The Water tank of such commode is installed inside the wall and the commode is mounted through the wall, which make it look modern and beautiful.

Let me tell you about both the WC on term of various factors.


In floor mounted WC the water closet is fixed on the wall, and the flush tank is fixed above it on the wall. All the plumbing work of the flush tank water closet is easy to install. 

While in Wall mounted WC the water closet is attached to the wall. Hence, to support the WC a thick wall is needed. In wall mounted WC the flush tank is placed inside the wall. The plumbing work of wall mounted WC is complex because the tank is concealed. 


If we talk about the appearance of Wall Mounted WC give your bathroom a Modern aspect because of the floating effect of the bowl. Few variants of Wall Mounted WC come with dual flush cistern which help to save water.

The floor mounted WC are look standard and are very common. The floor mounted WC come in two variants. First is two piece commode.

In such kind WC the water closet and flush tank being purchased separately. While in one piece commode the flush tank is attached to the water closet. 


The floor mounted WC acquires more space as compared to wall mounted  WC. 

The wall mounted WC acquires 10 inch less then Floor mounted WC. The flush tank is  concealed. If the wall is not thick enough to conceal the flush tank and bowl carrier, then another wall is built which is called Ledge Wall.


The wall mount WC is easy to clean as no part is touched to the floor. Which make mopping easier.

In Floor mounted WC the cleaning is difficult part. The junction between flush tank and bowl can become a chore and may collect dirt.


There is a big advantage with wall mounted WC as they can be adjusted to the preferred height at the time of installation. Usually the Wall mounted WC is fixed at a height of 15 inches from the floor. For the person with some physical issues, the height will be increased upto 19 inches.

The Floor mounted WC is fixed on the ground and hence we cannot make adjustments. The Floor Mounted WC are 14.5  to 16 inches high. Seat riser can increase the height of the floor mounted WC upto 6 inches.


If you really want to get rid of the flushing sound of flush tank the Wall Mounted WC will help you. Because the flush tank is concealed which help in sound cancellation.


The Wall mount WC is time consuming when it comes to repairing. As all the parts are concealed, we may have to tear the wall to repair.

While the Floor mount Water Closet is easy to repair because every parts are easy to access.  


The wall mounted WC are costlier as compared to floor mounted WC. The parts of wall mounted WC are concealed and a solid steel carrier is needed to lift the bowl. It also needs proper maintenance as the brackets & bolts get loose.

Points To Remember While Choosing

If you are confused between Floor mounted WC and Wall mounted WC, then these points may helpful to you.

  • If you want a modern appearance, then wall mounted WC will be a good be a good choice. 
  • The Wall mounted WC are costlier in because of the installation process. So, choose according your budget.
  • Any locally available plumber can repair Floor mounted WC. Specialist plumbers are required for Wall Mounted WC’s. 
  • Wall Mounted WC have a maximum limit of 300 pounds. It may not suitable for obese people.


As the above discussion, I tell you what are the limitation of Wall Hung Water closet. But if someone is too eager to prefer it, then this article will help you. 

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