20X40 House Plan Lawn Car Parking with 3d Elevation

We, Makemynaksha.com came with house plan of a 800 sqft house with a lawn, car parking and 3D elevation. As in the previous house plan, we discussed with you our design for 28 x 45 sqft. Today we are giving another plan of 800 sqft house, where the front of the house is 20 feet and the depth of the house is 40 feet.

If you have the same carpet area which I’m discussing with you, may help you to decorate/renovate your interior and exterior or we are glad to help you out.

Exterior Detailing of 20×40 sqft House 

The elevation of this 20 x 40 sqft house has been kept simple and modular according to preference. On the exterior we used tuffen glass, Pergola, Iron coppher and wooden tiles according to the preference. 

We have more elevation design, but our client preferred this one after discussing with family.

Interior of 20 x 40 sqft. House

As you enter into this 20 x 40 sqft house, on the right side we have given a 3 feet lawn area and in front a porch area of 9′-0” x 15′-6”, where you can park your sedan.

Alongside we have given staircase which lead you to the first floor of the house. We placed a bathroom area beneath the staircase which is helpful when you host someone or it can be used as common bath area.

Parallel to the porch we have given door to drawing room of 10′-10” x 10′-0”, where we can welcome our guest.

In the center part of the house we placed modular kitchen of 5′-2” x 8′-0” with living/dining area of 14′-6” x 7′-2”. 

On the back part of the house there are two bedrooms were designed in which one is master bedroom of 10′-0” x 10′-0” with bath area of 4′-6” x 7′-2”.

An O.T.S is designed beside the bath area for ventilation. The standard bedroom is of area 9′-0” x 10′-0”.

All the things on the ground floor are placed according to the Vaastu Shaastra.
Now moving to the first floor through the staircase, we have given a balcony area from where you can view the elegancy of either sunrise or sunset with a lobby area of 9′-0” x 12′-6”.

We have also given a third bedroom with an attached bath area and the rest is an open terrace area, where you can do terrace gardening or other household works.

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