255 SQ.FT. HOUSE PLAN 15 x 17 SQ.FT.

Here at makemynaksha.com we are discussing our house plan of 255 SQ.FT. In which the front width of the house is 15 FT. and the depth is 17 FT.  This 15 x 17 SQ.FT. House is G+1 house. 

On the ground floor, we designed the basic requirements of the house. On the first floor, we designed a bedroom with attached bath area and a balcony area. 


Interior Detail

As you enter the house you get a porch area of 6′-1” x 6′-4” sqft. We designed a staircase through the porch area to minimize the misuse of land.

In the center part of the 15 x 17 sqft. house a living area of 5′-2” x 10′-4” sqft., where you can welcome your guest.

Beside the living area, we designed a functional kitchen of 4′-6” x 7′-3”, so that you won’t face any difficulty while serving your guest.

We designed a bath area of 4′-0” x 5′-8” sqft. on the ground floor. An O.T.S is given behind the bath area, which ventilates the kitchen and bath area of this 255 sqft. house ground floor.

On the first floor of this 15 x 17 sqft. house we designed a balcony area. After that we gave a master bedroom of 10′-0” x 10′-0” with a bath area of 4′-0” x 5′-8” sqft. Another O.T.S is placed just above the ground floor O.T.S, which gave ventilation to the bath area and bedroom on the first floor.

End Note

Here this is all about this 15 x 17 sqft house plan. For any queries regarding the interior or exterior of any construction site, you can contact us at [email protected]

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